Wind Damage

Wind Damage

All hurricane damage is wind damage, but not all wind damage is hurricane damage. Your insurance policy treats the application of your deductible differently depending on a wind or hurricane event. Wind damage typically has a much lower deductible and results in smaller amounts of physical damage to your property. Hurricanes typically carry a much higher deductible and the property damage is usually much more severe.

Everyone understands hurricane damage. This damage may be minor and result in a few missing shingles or severe and result in the total loss of your property. The factors of where you live, your proximity to the center of these storms, the condition and architecture of your property all play a role.

<h1>Wind Damage</h1>

While hurricane damage is easy to understand, lower speed wind damage is not. Wind damage that is caused by common weather events such as cold fronts and afternoon thunderstorms is more difficult to understand. This damage is usually isolated to asphalt roofing materials and will present in the form of missing or creased shingles. These roofing materials are designed to withstand these lower wind speed events, but become more susceptible as they age.

Damage to three-tab shingles on roofing is more evident and easier to verify for insurance company adjusters. Damage to architectural or dimensional shingles is a bit more difficult. These lower speed wind events will rarely if ever remove a whole architectural shingle, but they can and will cause the laminated decorative tabs to be damaged.